pooja sharma (@pooja)
8 months ago

Which marketing strategy will provide my business with the perfect reach and most quantifiable profit? - The question most businesses are asking.

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing has become more like the clash of titans as the dilemma increases for corporates when doing their advertising. But absolutely, digital marketing is getting great significance since it is cheaper and shows better results. So, let's understand the difference and see which one can you build a successful career in.


Getting on the front page of Google Search is cheaper than getting on the front page of a newspaper.

Several businesses continue to pay an arm and a leg to advertise their brand on the TV or newspaper, but what they fail to comprehend is that with the advent of technology, they can reach their targeted audience at much less cost with digital marketing.

2.Ongoing Result

In traditional marketing, marketers usually have to wait at least a couple of weeks before they can see an improvement in the results. On the other hand, in online marketing, they don't have to wait for much longer to see an increment.

3.Easy Analytics

The results of traditional marketing cannot be measured since there is no parameter to success or to calculate ROI. To the contrary, it is quite easy to determine the ROI of digital marketing by utilizing Google analytic tools.


It's tough to keep track of traditional marketing techniques - it’s both tedious and time-consuming. On the other hand, tracking information and results of digital marketing techniques can be simply registered. But, of course, you need to pursue a digital marketing online course to understand how to use analytic tools to track success/failure of digital marketing efforts.

5.Audience Reach

Traditional marketing works best at a local level. While it is possible to launch a global advertising campaign, the costs are going to be extravagant. With digital marketing, a business can easily start marketing to people around the globe with a few extra clicks.


Anyone who happens to drive by a billboard will notice the advertisement, and that person may or may not be interested in the product or service being offered. That is not the case with digital marketing. Ad campaigns can be narrowed down to specific types of people, based on their age, demographic location, gender, interest, etc.

7.Buying Intent

People who'll find your blog or website will do it by searching for a specific keyword, and that means the reader has a strong buying intent. That is not the case with traditional marketing. Not everybody who sees a television ad is interested in buying the product or service being offered.

Wrapping Up!

So, that wraps up the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. With the advancements of the digital space, businesses are shifting towards online marketing methods. So, this is the ideal time to enrol in a digital marketing online course. An online digital marketing certificate can back your claim of knowledge and skill set of the digital space, giving you an edge over other candidates. So, scout the internet for online digital marketing certificate courses, find a credible one, enrol yourself, and give your career a grand launch!