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He dragged me back to the bed and we sat down.
"Your name is Belina Peters. Three days ago, on your home from work, you were involved in an accident. The driver of the other vehicle died, you hit your head against your windshield which of course led to your memory loss. A doctor and a nurse have been provided to look after you.
"Ok… So, that means the accident was terrible?"
"Then why am I here and not in the hospital?"
I thought I saw his eyes shake slightly and the light in them dim a bit.
"Actually, you were at the hospital for a day and half but the doctors said it would be better if you healed at home. So, here you are and like i said earlier, a doctor and a nurse have already been provided to monitor your health", he concluded with a smile, that smile i thought was cute now irritated me. And it looked suspicious and too bright for the kind of situation we were in.
"Ok, so about my life… From the little you've told me, I am Belina Peters and i have a job. So what kind of job is that?"
"You just woke up, please rest, we can talk about all this later.
He sounded angry and irritated, then he stood up to leave.
"Wait! Please… just a question… Do i have kids?"
"Ok, am i married?"
He hesitated, looked like he was struggling within himself.
"Yes… Yes you are married"
"oh", i mumbled. I looked at my ring finger, there was no ring on it and neither was there a sign that there had been one. And his answer didnt even strike a chord inside me. Who is this guy??!!
My head was screaming for answers but i didnt know how to voice out the questions.
"Ok, the last qustion please, who is my husband, where is he, and who are you?"
"My name is Nathaniel Benson, you call me Nath. I am your husband".
With that, he walked out of the room and left me in a daze.

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