Theodora Igbokwe (@dora2)
8 months ago


Why does it smell different here, the scent here is different from what ivknow i'm used to. What am i lying on? It feels different too…
Finally, i opened my eyes to actually scan the room i was in. It looked strange. I was pressed, needed to take a wazz so i carefully got down from the bed. Something didnt seem right. I walked to a door i assumed is the bathroom. While i passed by a dressing table, i took a glance at the mirror that hung on it. The face staring back at me looked strange. I couldnt recognise it, couldnt recognise my own face. Who am I? I tried to say my name, but suprisingly, i didnt even know what it was… I could recognise my face nor remember my name nor where i was. Am i married? Do i have kids? Am i a criminal? I closed my eyes and tried to focus to remember something… to remember anything about myself, family, life, friends, work… whatever i could. But all i got was a splitting headache, so painful i almost passed out. I just craddled my head and sat on the stool facing the mirror. After a minute or two, someone opened the bedroom door and walked in. It was a man and he looked very handsome- tall and well built muscles. I just kept looking from the mirror till he was a little close. When i turned to face him, he gave me a very charming smile, 'oh wow' i thought, 'he's got a nice set of teeth'
"Hi, you're finally awake, you've been out for three days straight"
Well that's wierd, i thought, if i've been out for three days, well i should be in a hospital, shouldnt I???
"Who are you, no, who am I?", I asked
"You dont remember anything?"
"No… No i dont. Please tell me, who am i? where am i? why cant i remember anything? What the hell happened??!!!"