Theodora Igbokwe (@dora2)
9 months ago


Nath could be every womans dream, including myself. He is really good looking- nice eyes, cute set of teeth, awesome smile that makes my day, amazing muscles and height, he was so caring to. Perhaps if he hadnt turned stupid, I would have really considered accepting him as my boyfriend, fiance, husband- whatever. But two weeks after I turned down his request, he became aggresive and abusive. We were still friends but everything changed. We exchanged insults, argued back and forth so stupidly, bickering like a bunch of kid- he had a terrible temper and I had one too. We kept on for three months.
Then one bright and sunny day, on my way home from the therapist, I decided to follow a different route, I was driving. Earlier, I had planned to go to the grocery store to buy some household supplies and that's why I went with my car. I was on a high speed because the road is a semi deserted one and also because I was in a really good mood. That particar route is always free of jams but it is also very dangerous. I had almost arrived my destination when i looked into my side mirror and noticed a black SUV behind, very close, too close even. Actually I think i spotted the same car at when I stepped out of the therapist's office. Or maybe it could be a different one, but why was the driver following me so closely. The road is wide enough so he could have possibly overtook my car. I slowed down and the SUV did too, I picked up my speed and it did same too. What is going on???
We kept on for about five or seven minutes. I got tired of the rubbish s I pulled over, another stupid mistake. The SUV pulled over too but in front on my car. The door opened and three heavily built men got down. They wore black suites and dark shades. Their faces, well, I wont call those 'faces', they looked like stones! Carved stones… no trace of a single smile!! Two of them stood by my door and one of them went to the other side, pulled the door and got in.
"well, can I help you?", I rudely asked
He suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at me!! Oh my God, who are these guys?
"Get out, right now, we dont wanna spoil your pretty face so just cooperate".
Wait, was that voice from a human being? It sounded so cold. I froze on my seat, so did my brain and my face. My hands became sweaty all of a sudden.
"Ma`am, i dont say the same thing twice"
This time, the voice was barely a whisper, but loud enough to unfreeze my brain. I opened my mouth to scream but the men standing by my door were really fast, i'm stil amazed at such speed. They pulled my door open and one of them grabbes the gun and used the butt to give me a nice blow on my head. That did it, i was knocked out cold and went unconscious…