Theodora Igbokwe (@dora2)
8 months ago


The 'ding' sound from my phone, indicating that the call had been ended, brought me back to planet earth. 'You cant hide forever… two years means nothing to me', those words kept ringing in my head till I left for work. And I could hardly get my brain to do any work. Nath is a disgusting fellow, just one phone call from him and I looked malnourished.
Actually Nath is a nice guy or WAS a nice guy. We used to be very close friends, too close to be just friends. His bride-to-be ditched him on their supposed wedding day. And according to him, he really loved her, from the way he always talked about her, I thought he still loved her. I also told him of how I was drugged at my own birthday by my own fiance and how he had the guts to attend my party with his newly found love, Jane.
One thing led to another, we exchanged contacts and addresses. I knew I wasnt ready for an emotional attachment just yet, my hurt was still very fresh and I wasnt just going to jump into another relationship because I somehow developed trust issues. Each day I woke up, my hate for the word 'LOVE' increased. But from the first day we met, Nath was already passing advances at me which of course I pretended not to notice. It got too much, I had to make fun of him for it. Two weeks later and he asked me out. Why? How? I barely even knew the dude. We were in a foreign country for heaven's sake, how would I be sure he wasnt a duper or a fugitive or even someone worse than that. I tried to explain all this to him in a very polite way. I assumed he understood!!! My one costly mistake…