Theodora Igbokwe (@dora2)
9 months ago


Five years ago, I lost a beloved aunt who was coming to town for my birthday, she never arrived, she died in an accident. The next year, my younger sister drowned in a pool. It was my birthday and we wanted to have fun. Then the year that followed was the worst, that was the day i knew Richard had been cheating on me with Jane!… Jane!!! Anyways, that same day, in the morning, my family got together to plan a suprise party for me. Unfortunately, Max our neighbor, fell off a ladder while trying to fix the decorations. He died!! Suprise birthday party turned into a suprise funeral, just that there was a cake with "Happy birthday Belina" iced on it.
The trauma that morning and evening was so much for me I was barely twenty three. I was then flown out of the country for sessions with a therapist. That's when I met Nath, the threatning voice from the phone call,he was there to see a therapist too. Seemed like we had a lot of issues in common.