Theodora Igbokwe (@dora2)
8 months ago


I sat up abruptly in bed. My heart was beating so fast as I ran shaky fingers through my messy hair. Ugh! Another nightmare. Its been two years but I still get night mares mid-July. Why wont the stupid memories just go away? I was still deep in my thouhts when the alarm went off. 6am! It feels like I went to beg just thirty minutes ago. Groaning and grumbling, i threw off the sheets and got out of bed to get ready for a boring day, as usual. A bell kept ringing in my head, like i was missing something. I strode to the bathroom and pushed the door open. The first thing i saw was the toilet brush mum gave to me as a birthday present last year. According to her, my toilet is always stinkingly dirty… so annoying. Who goes to her daughter's house just to inspect her toilet and then give her a toilet brush as a birthday present?! WAIT!!! Its my birthday! The "thing" I felt i was forgetting is my birthday. Every other person would jump and scream for joy but not me. For five years, my birthday has been a mess, it was one of the days i loathed. It just seemed to attract bad things. I was still in my thoughs yet again when I heard my phone ring. I ran back to my bed and picked it up. It was a hidden number. Well, out of curiosity, i picked it up. A voice i've prayed never to hear, a voice that disgusted me much more than Richard's and Jane's rang out clearly,
"You know you cant hide forever right?Two years means nothing to me!!!"