Theodora Igbokwe (@dora2)
8 months ago


I was pushed and thrown to the floor. My hair was a mess, my make-up was ruined and so was my new dress.
"Richard please-"
A resounding slap was thrown across my face. Richard, my supposed fiance, a man I loved with every fibre of my being, a man I thought loved me too- he was glowering at me, eyes filled with hatred and disgust. You know, the kinda look that sends chills down your spine yea…
There was a woman standing beside him, her arms in the crook of his elbow. That face, that face is the cause of my grief. She just stood there, looking all pure and innocent and fragile. I felt like strangling them both right there. If only Richard knew that the "white lotus" clinging to him was such a poisonous beast!!! How does she even manage to hide her evil deeds behind such pretty face?
While I kept staring at her, I felt liquid trickling down my hair, eyes, nose, mouth… I didnt even notice Richard had emptied three glasses of wine on me. Now, I really looked like an ogre with my mascarra running down my face
"Richard no!", I shrieked. Then I stretched my hand to grab his legs but before I could do that, I felt warm hands on my shoulders and a whisper in my ears.
"Dont try to fight him, you'll hurt yourself more".
I turned towards the voice, it was a lady, but… but the lady was me, a reflection of myself, like a mirror. But how? Am I hallucinating? Is my grief so much that its now affecting my brain? Or have I been drugged again???