Cyril I. O. (@admin)
Aug 29th 2020, 1:41 pm

If you buy or sell big ticket items on eBay, you need to know about the available escrow services. An escrow service is designed to protect buyers and sellers from being ripped off. The funds for the sale go to the escrow service, and then the seller ships the item to the buyer. Once the item has been received, the funds are released from the escrow
service to the seller.

In some instances, both the item and the funds gothrough the escrow service, and the service makes sure that the buyer gets the item, and the seller gets the money. There is a small fee for the service, and it is usually a fixed percentage of the sale price. It is up to the buyer and seller to decide who will
pay the fees. Often, the fees are split between the buyer and seller.

If you want to use an escrow service, there is only one service that eBay recommends, and they back that service up. This service is Over
the years, there have been many ‘look-alike’ escrow services, using variations of the domain name, but they have shown to be less than reputable companies. Make sure you use the services of for the greatest protection.