Samson Amandah David (@sadavid)
8 months ago

As you journey and grow in life, you will come in contact with people. They wear a garment called Friends. This garment is priceless. You don't buy it. The garment only attracts you. You cannot do without meeting them.

But there is a serious problem.How you go about accepting these set of persons is a matter of concern. You go to a new environment, they are there. You get a new job, they are there.

How about school, they are there. To add to this is, market. You still find them there. In other words, the presence of these persons is inevitable.

However, where the bunch of work lies is in your choice of admitting them. Inasmuch as you can't avoid them. As long as you can't stop them from coming.You have a choice. You have an autonomous power to choose who stays in your boat.

It is more interesting to say that you can do so without stress, quarrel or fight. Unfortunately, many people fail to scrutinize the people that come into their boat. You get so fascinated with every garment you see.

You become helpless simply because you met someone today and your body is doing you wan kind wan kind. (Male and Female alike) This has become the bane of every lost glory, vision and future ambitions.

What is the future of the friends you keep? It is not enough to just keep friends all around the place..
The time is short for trial and error. I still wonder how some people get so comfortable hanging around people with no direction.

Well, it is either they are blind or ignorant.

"As iron sharpeneth iron......" The scripture did not say As iron sharpeneth rubber. So no matter how good you may be in your skills. No matter how great your vision may look like.

If you don't have other people who are walking in your direction, they wont be able to sharpen your own iron. You can't be an iron and you hang around with rubber all the time, who will sharpen you?

This is why the friends you keep will in a way determine how great you will become. What is the future of your friends?
Who sharpens your iron when you are getting blunt? Don't be in a haste to admit people into your boat.