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Nworgu Julian (@warwriters)
Aug 20th 2020, 9:46 am

When it comes to your health and fitness, there are a number of factors that play out. What you do or fail to do play very determining roles in your overall health and fitness even as you age. It all boils down to your habits. What set of habits do you live with? Your habits are the key factors that decide whether you enjoy the best health conditions or not. If you live with the right set of habits, you will no doubt be in health at all times and save yourself the cost and stress of being in and out of hospitals. In this post, we will look at some of the most effective ways to ensure you maintain and enjoy optimum health all through your days on earth. Let's see some steps on how to stay healthy at any age:

  1. You are what you eat

This should be nothing new if you have been paying attention to health tips all along. What you eat is arguably the most influential determinant when it comes to your health and fitness. Is your diet made up of the healthiest organic foods or you simply take a bite of whatever you can lay your hands on? It is important you pay attention to what you eat at all times because it goes a long way to determine your status and state.

When it comes to eating right, you must ensure you eat more of organic foods than anything else. What are organic foods? If you are not sure what organic foods are, they are those farm-fresh produce which ensure you get adequate supplies of vitamins and minerals, proteins, healthy fats, carbs, etc in the required amounts. Some examples of organic foods you can always rely on include: Vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, and herbs. Eating diets rich in organic foods will not only keep you healthy but go a long way to ensure you stay fit and age gracefully. Yes, if you never heard that before now, organic foods are great when it comes to slowing down the ageing process. You can take that to the bank.

However, eating the right foods is never enough to guarantee you the best health conditions. It is also important that you identify foods and eating habits that are anti-health and avoid them. For instance, if you are deep into junks, do your due diligence to make sure you ditch these junks without any further delays. Junk foods may taste sweet to your taste buds when munching on them, but they are nothing less than gradual killers. The more you feed your body with these junks, the easier it becomes for you to develop some serious debilitating diseases. Examples of junk foods you should stay away from include: French fries and anything fries, sugary foods, processed and canned foods, alcohol, tobacco, salt, etc. If you can avoid taking all of these, or at least ensure you take them less frequently and in moderation, you will no doubt live longer in good health and with a sound mind.

But that's not all there is to eating right. Eating right does not end with eating organic foods and ditching junks. You have to take it a step further by ensuring you eat at the right times and in the right proportion. It is important you avoid those in-between meal bites and eating unbalanced diets. Stick to your mealtimes and ensure every meal captures a good dose of proteins, low carb foods, vitamins and minerals-rich foods, etc. You can get all of these from animal proteins, legumes fruits and vegetables. Also remember to drink lots of water at all times to stay adequately hydrated as your life may well depend on it.

  1. Get adequate rest
    Once you get it right with your diet, the next important thing you should pay attention to, is the rest you give to your body. Your body needs all the rest it can get to serve you well. Many people neglect this aspect of taking care of their mind and body and fall into health problems. You can't be using your body daily to meet your daily work targets and home goals without giving it time to relax and rejuvenate. If you do not give your body adequate rest, you are exposing your body to physical exhaustion and stress. The funny part is, if you do not give your body rest, it will one day crash and force you to give it a long break. You don't have to wait for your body to break down under intense stress before you can give it rest. Always find time to relax and pamper yourself occasionally. Here are some tips to giving your body adequate rest:

• Get enough sleep every night
One of the easiest ways to ensure you give your body all the rest you need is to make sure you give your body enough sleep every night. According to experts, an average adult is expected to sleep for at least 8 hours every night. Giving your body this amount of sleep will help your muscles relax and keep your mind fresh and active when you wake up every morning. Most people struggle with sleep problems due to several factors. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make sure you sleep better at night. Some of these steps are: engaging in mindful meditation before you sleeps ensuring you turn off all sources of noise, turning all bright lights off, etc.

• Take a quick nap during the day
Whether you are able to get all the sleep you need during the night or not, it is also important you take time off your busy schedule to get a quick nap during the day. You can nap in your home, school, or your office during your break time. These quick naps will complement your night sleeps and further strengthen your immune system and keep your mind refreshed.

• Get a massage
Giving your body adequate rest does not end with getting adequate sleep or taking a quick nap. You can also get some pampering like a sensual massage to help your muscles and nerves relax better. These messages put your body and mind in the most restful states and can help you get more done during your day.

Getting enough rest comes with lots of advantages as we have highlighted in some of the points we mentioned already. Some of the most striking benefits of getting adequate rest include: An enhanced immune response, higher productivity at work, ability to find solution to problems without much fuss, a more relaxed state of mind, less stress, worries, anxiety and depression.

  1. Exercise daily
    People who engage in daily exercises enjoy better health conditions than people who don’t. According to researchers, engaging in at least 10 minutes physical exercises daily will help you stay fit and healthy at any age. These physical exercises are so helpful that they will help you get rid of all those disease-causing toxins in your body as you workout and sweat out, make you more energetic and productive; improve your mental toughness and endurance levels, and several more. There is no limit to the type of exercises you can engage in daily to enjoy all the health and fitness benefits that come with such an active life. Let’s see some good exercises you can do anywhere during the day:

• Running and jogging. Anyone can engage in the running and jogging exercise irrespective of age and gender and still enjoy the benefits they bring. You don’t need any special equipment to enjoy these exercises. All you need are your running shoes and a pair of fitting sports wears. You can run anywhere like your backyard, sports field, forest track, or wherever makes you feel safe. If you consider it a risk to run alone, you can team up with someone like your spouse, friend, or neighbor. Working out with someone helps you do more and go beyond your perceived limit.

• Swimming. This may not be for everyone because it requires a level of skill. If you can swim well enough, there is no reason why you should not add swimming to the list of physical exercises you can engage in daily. Even if you aren’t that good, you can learn by doing. But while in the learning stage, make sure you don’t go swimming without your lifejacket. It may also help to go with someone who understands the rule of the game quite well for guidance.

• Walk your dog. Dogs are not just pets. They can offer you ample opportunities to work out and stay fit at all times. Most dog owners have the habit of walking their dogs to the park and back every morning. This habit helps both the dog owner and the dog to stay fit and enjoy good health. The outdoors will always give you a good supply of fresh air during these dog-walking exercises. So, if you have been thinking about getting a pet, you may want to go for a dog to enable you see someone to walk around the park.

• Press-ups. These are among the most common physical exercises people engage in. It is an age long exercise that can be done anywhere and at anytime without much ado. It does not require any special kits or skills. You can always begin with a few counts and progress to higher counts when your muscles get stronger.

• Hit the gym. The gym is where you get to experiment with different types of workouts such as brisk walking, weightlifting, and several other types of physical exercises that help you stay fit.
You can always experiment with different types of exercises in your private space or at the gym until you find what works best for your energy levels and strengths. You can also combine different types of exercises to get the right exercise regimen for you. With the right exercise combo, you can be sure to enjoy staying healthy at any age.

  1. Live an active life
    According to researchers, people who live more active lives live healthier lives than those who don’t. It is important you find ways to engage in more activities during your day to help you let some steam off. There are several creative ways to live a more active life. Let’s see some examples here:

• Volunteer for outdoor campaigns. There is always something happening in your city if you put your ears on the ground. There is always a group of people leading a campaign against a perceived ill in the society. Find out what is up next and register. These campaigns will help you enjoy some fresh outdoor airs, network with positive-minded individuals, and give you that fulfilling feeling that comes with knowing you have done something noble.

• Start a new project. Your new project could be anything ranging from building a dog cage to growing a garden in your backyard. Anything that helps you stay active is just right for your health. Staying idle breeds more sicknesses than living an active life. Commit to doing one new thing every day and watch your mental and physical health blossom. You can always engage in home chores such as doing the laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, etc. It doesn’t matter if there are domestic staffs paid to get those jobs done. Doing those small home chores does not in any way reduce your worth or social status. You benefit a lot by ensuring your hands find something to do at all time. Boredom and laziness are diseases on their own and must not be allowed to hold sway in your life.

You can come up with other creative ways to enjoy a more active life and stay healthy at any age. If you follow the tips in this post, you won’t have to worry about health problems that plague most senior citizens today. The best tips anyone can ever give you on how to stay healthy at any age is to eat well, get adequate rest, exercise regularly, and live a more active life. If you do these things, your happiness and optimum health are guaranteed for life.