Pclasp (@admin)
9 months ago

How to Activate your Guiding Angels

I loose my brain, my memory lanes, mental faculties and my gifts talents and God given powers from every Bondage of the enemies. I loose my vision, hope, aspiration, my past, present and future from every bondage of the enemies. I clear every marks, symbols, or sign of satanic Covenants, from my spirit, soul, and body. I clear every human, witchcraft, Marine or occultic mountain, blockage, dam, well, gate, padlock or whatever the enemies has deposit in my spirit, soul, and body, my womb, marriage, home, or whatever, whether physical or spiritual, to hinder block or otherwise, to attack, harm, or afflict me I energize and charge the angels of God with blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost; I arm them with swords of flaming fire and the judgment Hammer of the Holy Ghost, I mount them upon bulldozers of the Holy Ghost and chariots of living fire to uproot, crush, dismantle, pull down and throw down all such devices of the enemies and totally Destroy them in the name of Jesus.

I decree that from today my God has taken the enemies in their own craftiness. He has disappointed their counsel against me that the hand of the enemies shall never again perform their enterprises against me in Jesus name amen.

I loose my life, my family, friends, business and work from every bondage of the enemies. I loose my finance, Blessings, prayers, testimonies, planes hopes, and aspiration from every Bondage of the enemies.

I set a witching angels upon myself and upon all that belong or relate to me in any way and say, >you angels of God, assigned by God to minister for me, I activate you in the name of our Lord Jesus.

I call you forth from the East, west, north and south. I energize you with the blood of Jesus and I charge you with the fire of the Holy spirit. I arm you with swords of flaming fire and mount you upon chariot of fire and I authorize you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to Smit, slash, hew asunder, scatter, pull down and totally Destroy every planes, programme, counsel or work of the enemies formed, fashioned or commissioned against me physically or spiritually.

I authorize you angels of God to smite, throw down, pull down, cut off and utterly destroy any man, woman, witch doctor, occultic or Marine spirit, force or power that dares to rear their ugly head anywhere around me in Jesus name amen.