Pclasp (@admin)
9 months ago

Cancel Negative Pronouncements in your Life

It is written, who said, and it will cometh to pass, when the Lord commanded it not
So I cancel every negative pronouncements, reports, charge, accusation, allegations, brought against me by any man or woman, spirit, force or power whatsoever, in the spiritual or in the physical I cancel, neutralize and destroy them in Jesus name amen.

I sand upon the word of God which says that any tongue that rises in judgement against me must be condemned and so I condemn any wizard, native doctor, occult power or Marine power that dares to rise in judgement or condemnation against me whether in the covens or Grove of the evil ones, in my residence, village or wherever in Jesus name amen >Romans 8:37 KJV
Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

Galatians 3:13-14 KJV
Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree: [14] That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

I stand upon the words of God and I neutralize, Cancel, and destroy every enchantment or divination made, spoken, or otherwise prepared against me by any body whatsoever physical or spiritual. I declare them unll and void and no effect whatsoever upon me in Jesus name amen.

I come against every spell or spells cast upon me by witches, wizards, mesmerize, hypnotize, necromancers, voodoo or occultic power for any reason. I break every object and spend. I cancel them with the blood of Jesus Christ and destroy them with the fire of the Holy Ghost. I renounce every association or links I ever forged with them and I reject their company forever because it is written that they are an abomination unto the Lord.

I come against every mark placed on me by witches and wizards spirits, dada spirit, or by Satan or by any of his cohorts, for any reason I reject and renounce every mark, signs, or symbol and every mark of negative recongnition or destruction placed upon me by Satan and any of his agents, as a mark of slavery, bondage destruction, affliction, ownership, servitude, or whatever giving them any right authority or claim o ER my spirit, Soul, and body, over my life, finances, business, home, marriage or work, I reject, renounce and repudiate every such mark because I am a child of God and it is written that such mark are not the marks of His children.

I come against every mark, sign or design inscribed, tattooed, engraved, painted or cut into my spirit, soul, or body, consciously by myself, with or without my consent, by anybody whatsoever, as a symbol or mark of priesthood, dedication, or consecration to any idol, deity or gods or goddess whatsoever in my soul and body in Jesus name amen.

I also reject, disown and cast away from me forever. Every staff of office, scepter, or crystal ball, mirror, crown, and Coronet or diadem, given to me by Satan or any of his agent as a sign, symbol or marks of agent priesthood, title, rank, or office in the witchcraft coven, Marine kingdom, or occultic kingdom I reject every such title, or rank, in the name of Jesus Christ. I destroy every such property, item and materials with the fire of the HOLY GHOST.

I reject every bead of authority, necklace, earrings and indeed any ring whatsoever on my fingers, nose, ears, toes, I also reject bangle, anklets, of titles, ranks or position; I reject every star, cowries, shells, diamond, stones, eggs, and every properties deposited in me by any spiritual concubine, physical or spiritual, I reject, renounce and disown every such objects, materials or properties wherever they have been deposited, hidden or concealed in my spirit, soul, and body, I cast them out in Jesus name amen.

I come against every demonic gridle, belt, necktie, jagad, scarf, shoe glove, etc placed upon me by myself knowingly and unknowingly, or by anybody whatsoever, for whatsoever reason. I reject, renounce, disown and cast them out of my spirit, soul, and body and I destroy then with the blood of Jesus Christ amen.

I reject, renounce, repudiate, disown, destroy and cast out of my spirit, soul, body, home, marriage, and life every certificate, testimonial, garment, regalia, or paraphernalia, decoration, insignia or symbol, or priesthood, initiation, dedication, membership, belief, subscription service or acceptance of any deity, idol, god, goddess, because I am a priest of the most High God, a member of a Royal priesthood, a chosen generation, a peculiar people. The Lord is my God, and Him alone shall I Serve all the days of my life.

I reject and totally dissociate myself from every shrine, temple, groove alter, effigy, Bessel, totem, garment, mark or properties of any such god or goddess, including their food, clothes, river, lakes, and abodes, gathering, assemblies, conclaves, congratulations etc.....

I shall not be equally yoked with unbelivers neither shall I dwell in their Tabernacles, synagogue or secret places at any time, all the days of my life. I blot out every record of my presence in any such places in the past with the blood of Jesus Christ, and I register my name in the tabernacle of my God, the Lord God Almighty, I confess that I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever in Jesus name amen.

I reject, I renounce, I disown, uproot, put down, and destroy every alter, temple, covenant pot, tree, Calabash, bottle, or any object whatsoever planted, buried or otherwise hidden, or concealed by me or by anybody on my behalf as a means of consecration, dedication, or covenanting to any spirit, force, power, presence, deity, idol, god or goddess, whatever (for I am a dedicated and consecrated servant of the Lord God Almighty, a vessel to His Honour, and a living sanctuary for His Spirit).

I am a temple unto the Father of lights. I was made in His image and likeness. His hand formed and fashioned me. His breath dwells in me and His Glory fill my spirit, soul, and body, my life, my family, and my home, and I reject fellowship with darkness in Jesus name amen.

I confess that God is my father, the Lord Jesus is my brother, the Holy Spirit is my comforter, my teacher, guardian, guide, and friend. For this reason I reject every second nature, dual personality, demonic or Satanic companion, guide, teacher other than the Holy Spirit of God. I reject and refuse advice, instructions or direction from Satan or any of his cohorts. I break every relationship, assignment or duty that I have with them. I cut them off and dissociate myself totally form the in Jesus name. I reject every totem, be they snakes, serpant, scorpions, dragons, tigers, lions, leopards, lizards, or any kind of bird owls, insects and I refuse to change my form into theirs, or manifest in any way physically or spiritually as any of these animals Because I am not an animal but an image and likeness of the Most High God, in Jesus name amen.

It is written, that Jesus Christ of Nasarath my Lord and personal Savior has blotted out every handwriting ordinances that is contrary to me!

I stand upon the words of God and I cancel, erase and totally blot out every report, charge, accusation and allegation written against me in the physical or spiritual with the blood of Jesus Christ, and I silence their speaking against me in Jesus name amen.

I come against every conusel, decision, sentence, judgement or condemnation taken or entered against me above the Earth, on the face of the Earth or beneath the earth. I reverse them and turn them upside down and declare them null, void, ineffective and totally ineffective against me in Jesus name.

I particularly cancel, erase and blot out with the Blood of Jesus Christ every record contrary to me in the files of Satan and his cohorts, in the heavenly, here on Earth or below the earth. I also, cancel wipe and blot out every record of my name in Satan's book of death and I write my name in God's book of Life with the blood of Jesus Christ amen.