Pclasp (@admin)
9 months ago

Launch The Offensive Decree Against Wicked Hosts

I say any man, woman, witch, wizard, native doctor, and occultic power that has left it's first blood or natural body and have been transported to hold any meeting contrary to the will of God. I severe their silver cords and I decree that they will not be able to return to their natural bodies again in Jesus name amen.

I cut off anywhere they are holding any meeting, conference, gathering or conclave against me, against any members of my family or my business, whether in the spiritual or physical ream, whether in the astral planes, in the witches' coven, in the native doctor's shrine, in the occultic temple, in the Marine kingdom or wherever, I bomb the with the blood of Jesus Christ. I release the fire of the Holy Ghost into there midst to scatter and consume them in Jesus name amen.

I come against any monitoring station they might have set up anywhere in the air, on the face of the Earth, in the water or in the astral planes, with the blood of Jesus Christ, to paralyze and overcome them.

Whatever instrument they are using to monitor my life, my prayers, my family, my business or anything that has to do with me. I bomb it with the Blood of Jesus Christ and I release spiritual earthquake, thunder and brimstones, into their equipment in Jesus name amen.

When they look into the mirror or bowl of water it shall blow up in their faces and blind them.

When they listen to their radios it will burst their eardrums in Jesus name amen.

Any hindering spirit, any tracking spirit they may have sent out or intend to send out to hinder or distract me or trace my position, I severe their memory lanes with the Blood of Jesus Christ so that they can no longer reinforce or communicate with their base.

I cast the flame of the Holy Ghost into their eyes so as to throw them into eternal spiritual blindness, so shall they continue to wander in spiritual powerlessly in Jesus name amen.

It is written, that there can be no fellowship between light and darkness. I am of light and Satan and his agents are of darkness., Therefore in the name of Lord Jesus Christ I separate myself from every assembly of the ungodly, in the physical or in the spiritual, consciously and unconsciously, and I disagree with every counsel of the wicked ones, against me or against anyone and anything that concerns me in Jesus name amen.