Nick Chisom (@chisom12)
9 months ago

A man known and called #Nana Boakye, who is known as a wicked and evil man in his region and families as well got disappear according to his wife.
This man has destroy many lives include his own 2 children, he doesn't want any progress from his community, family, he has been doing this for almost 22 years till when his cup overflow, one of his cult member told one of his family member that Nama Boakye belongs to a secret cult and he is also a witch, he can fly at night to oversea, he demostrated how Nama Boakye from Ashanti region kumasi who use to fly at night; from 12pm to 2am in the midnight, he will lay under his bed with his hands fold and his legs cross, he will smile two times, and call someone's name, he will immediately disappear, whenever he want to disappear somebody must die for him to get wings and for his journey to be successful. The last thing that happen before his disappear from his home is that, he want to use a 6months child in his compound to fly to their meeting, without knowing that the child's parents are praying and the pastor has reveal to them what will happen. This is how it happen, around 1pm midnight yesterday, Nama Boakye was shouting fire! fire!!! Somebody should help him get cool pure water, but nobody harkened to him, but his wife heard him shouting, from that time till now he is nowhere to be found.
My advice to everyone is that prater is good, make sure u pray before going to bed or when u wakeup, always pray for children.